My photo of the first, ill-fated piece.... now destroyed.

My photo of the first, ill-fated piece…. now destroyed. Thank goodness for shipping insurance, I’ll always buy it for my pieces!

Watercolor, ink, and gold and silver leaf on watercolor paper. This crest took me a long time to get right! The first, smaller, piece that I sent was damaged in the mail, and the client was patient enough with me to try it again. Like a variation on a theme, the second piece was just a tiny bit different, but I took that as a chance to try out a beautiful Moulin du Roy hot press paper that was just a dream to work on.

I’m pleased to report that the second piece arrived at its new home safely, and Etsy’s insurance claim process was quick and paid out in full.  I think the most painful part of the claims process was their request that the first piece be “completely destroyed” and then documented.  I guess they do that so the piece can’t be salvaged, but it was so hard for me to ask my client to mark though all that gold leaf and paint with a sharpie!