Packages for your Custom Family Crest or Original Coat of Arms:

Original Coats of Arms Painting

Original art + your custom design:
This original art can feature anything you can imagine. Add symbols of important things in your life, meaningful colors, flowers, animals, and places. Add flags or other symbols to represent places you’ve lived or family history.

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Historical Coats of Arms Painting

Original art + existing family crest
In this original art, re-create a vintage coat of arms from one of your ancestors. I combine parts of vintage coats of arms with historical research to re-create a unique painting based on an existing coat of arms.

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Original Coat of Arms Print

Print with Gold + your design:
Gilded print:  We’ll collaborate on the design and I’ll draw and paint the piece from our computer mock up.  I’ll add the lettering on the computer and send it to be professionally printed. I’ll add gold and accents to our print. You’ll receive a print of our art as well a printable file.
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Original Painting or Print?

Original art: I create these by hand on watercolor paper from start to finish. After we collaborate on a computer mock up, I draw all the art and text with a calligraphy pen and the piece is done in watercolor, ink, and gold leaf. You get the one and only original artwork to hang on your wall.

Gilded print: I draw the parts of the art separately, scan them and assemble them on the computer. I add text on the computer and send it to be printed on a fine art paper mounted on mat board. When I get the print back, I add gold leaf and iridescent ink accents. These are great if you want several copies or would like to print the art on other items like flags or mugs.

Ready to get started?

Send a deposit for your custom coat of arms. Pay the balance when your art is complete.