Create a Custom Coat of Arms or Family Crest

These artworks are hand-drawn by me with gold leaf, india ink, and watercolor.
I also offer custom prints from my original art, accented with ink and gold leaf.

I use metal leaf, ink, and watercolor to create an original artwork on sturdy watercolor paper.  Each artwork is drawn by hand using archival materials.

Original Art + Custom Design:
Create your own coat of arms: Original custom watercolor painting

This includes unlimited adjustments to the computer mock-up for your piece. I can adjust positioning, colors, fonts and elements. After you approve the computer sketch, I’ll draw it on watercolor paper and send photo updates of your piece in progress. These pieces require substantial communication from you.

Original Art from existing design:
Painting from historical coat of arms or historical blazon

Many of my clients already have a picture or research for their drawing, but If you don’t, I can probably find one for you!  You’ll need to send me your name or an image of your desired piece. Max. of three or four revisions to the computer mock-up.

I build these artworks from my original watercolor drawings.  Your purchase includes the print, the file, and also rights to copy your art and use it anywhere for personal use.

Gilded Print: Custom coat of arms / family crest printed on matte paper with ink accents and metal leaf.

This is a computer generated image, hand-leafed and tinted with iridescent inks and real gold and silver leaf. I create these from my original watercolor drawings and then send them to be professionally printed on a bright white matte art paper.  I apply metal leaf and shimmery accents to each print.

These coats of arms are a more affordable alternative to my original art, and are a wonderful option if you want several prints of the same family crest. Use your digital file for invitations, stationery, cards, and even custom flags or apparel.  Your purchase includes the print, the file, and also rights to copy your art and use it anywhere for personal use.

Additional copies of your custom print and other products:

Ready to get started?

Send a deposit for your custom coat of arms. Pay the balance when your art is complete.