My Process: How I create a custom coat of arms

My Design Process

1: You can send me images, or ideas about the things that are important in your family.
Flowers from your wedding, flags from states or countries, pets that you love – they can all be a part of your personalized artwork.
2: I'll present a computer generated sketch for approval after your order or deposit.
This is a computer mock-up of what I plan to draw created from my clip-art and parts of vintage pieces.
3: We can adjust fonts, mottos, colors, and parts of the art.
Let me know what you like and what you don’t – anything is adjustable.
4: After approval of the computer sketch, I'll draw the piece.
I draw the art in ink and watercolor with gold leaf details. Also ask about my more affordable prints and digital pieces.

I collect images of old coats of arms and documents on a Pinterest board, as well as pieces of clip art that look interesting. Some clients come to me with an image already in hand.  Others come to me with a list of symbols that are important or meaningful to their family. Through collaboration and guess-and-test, they gradually become a story with a theme, details, and their own unique style.

Ready to create a custom coat of arms?

Send a deposit now and I’ll get started on your mock-up in 2-3 days.