creating custom coats of arms since 2010


Jamie Hansen

Heraldic Artist

When I was a kid, I drew unicorns on the backs of all my school papers.  In high school, I carried a sketchbook and sat in the back of the classroom hoping for my next art class.  In college, I spent a semester in Europe traveling with a backpack full of watercolor supplies. I earned a BFA in Fine Art and have been working in watercolor for over 15 years.

After working in the gift and home industry to create wall decor and giftware, I felt called to create something more purposeful and personalized.  There are thousands of images and paintings available to an art buyer, but I wanted to help my clients create images that spoke about their unique story.  I wanted to be an artist that created things that were beautiful, but also meaningful.  Using my background in calligraphy and drawing, I created my first coat of arms for a client in 2009, and opened an Etsy shop in 2010 to collaborate with even more families.

My artworks and materials are inspired by pieces created long ago, but the stories behind these pieces are as current and contemporary as the families who hire me.  Like the families I work with, each piece is nuanced and unique.  Each artwork brings me joy as I use my love for art to help families celebrate their relationships and their lives together.

- Jamie Hansen

About my Process


send me images, or ideas about the things that are important in your family.

Flowers from your wedding, flags from states or countries, pets that you love – they can all be a part of your personalized artwork.


I will send a computer generated sketch for approval after your order or deposit.

This is a computer mock-up of what I plan to draw created from my clip-art and parts of vintage pieces.


We can adjust fonts, mottos, colors, and parts of the art.

Let me know what you like and what you don’t – anything is adjustable.


After approval of the computer sketch, I'll draw the piece.

I draw the art in ink and watercolor with gold leaf details. Also ask about my more affordable prints and digital pieces.


My materials

I love making art, so I use only the most archival professional-quality art materials.



I use Winsor and Newton watercolors and sepia permanent India inks.


Archival Papers

I work on heavy Arches 100% cotton rag watercolor paper.


Metal Leaf

I incorporate real metal leaf: gold, white gold, silver, or variegated copper leaf.