I make hand painted family crests.

I create custom family crests and coats of arms in watercolor, ink, and gold leaf.

Celebrate Your Family
Display your family’s history in your home or at a family reunion. Create a companion to your geneological research.
Commemorate A Wedding
Commission artwork for an addition to wedding invitations or to display at the ceremony.
Give A Unique Gift
Give a unique gift for a wedding, Christmas, birthday, or anniversary.
Personalized Artwork
Commission an original illustration of your family’s coat of arms.
Art as unique as your family.
These original artworks strive to capture the personality of a family or couple. Some clients come to me with an image already in hand. Others come to me with a list of symbols that are important or meaningful to their family. These pieces are my drawings, but the stories and ideas behind them belong to so many families.
Made with gold leaf, india ink, and watercolor.
I am a coat of arms artist working in watercolor, ink, and gold leaf.  I have created over a hundred original coats of arms for families all over the world.  Let’s collaborate to create a family crest for your family.  Commission a hand painted coat of arms for a wedding, birthday, or any family celebration.

Personalized artwork makes memorable anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, or can celebrate your family just because. Creating these artworks keep me drawing and meeting new people. I love hearing all the stories behind these pieces as we make them. Let’s create a custom coat of arms to celebrate your family’s story.

Coat of Arms Paintings
Your story is special. We will work one-on-one, to create the perfect visual art to represent your history.
Digital files and Prints
Once we create the image, I can provide you with a digital copy or an archival print accented with real gold leaf.
Celebrate your wedding
Conjugal Coats of Arms show two families side-by-side.
Show your families side-by-side.
A conjugal coat of arms celebrates the union of two families. Create a coat of arms or historically inspired piece to celebrate your timeless love.
Anniversary Gifts
Create a thoughtful conversation piece for your home.
Anniversary and Birthday gifts
The traditional gift for a first anniversary is “paper.”  Let’s create an artwork on watercolor paper to represent your life together.
Display your family history
I can create Coats of Arms based on Historical Research
Art based on your History
Create a companion to geneological research or display your affiliation with a coat of arms for a school, fraternity, or sorority.

Ready to get started?

Send a deposit for your custom coat of arms. Pay the balance when your art is complete.